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    Default Front engine mounting replacement the easy way.

    I already use FQ101 and Evilution but as you know, Evilution requires payment for some of that info and being out here in the Republic of Adjara, I often get a lot of CC problems so I pay for very little online and unpaid, FQ101 didn't have exactly what I was looking for.

    Anyway, we have to be recouceful here so I've figured it out myself and done the job which was actually very simple so I thought maybe others could benefit from a bit of my hands-on experience.

    I read a lot about lowering subframes etc etc but in fact this was not for me.

    I removed the rear wings complete along with the inner wing and alternator shield. I jacked up the car at the rear and put it on axle stands then took the engine weight with my trolley jack. Working at the front of the engine from below I removed the cross bolt through the mounting and lowered the engine. Using a 14mm torx socket and a standard ratchet I found that with the engine lowered there was ample room to put one arm over the alternator from the wheel arch and my other arm just in front of the engine also from the wheel arch. There was loads of space and height to simply unscrew the two torx bolts from the top of the engine mounting and remove it from under the car leaving the other half of the mount still screwed to the engine. You have to be able to work blind to do this. It's easy to feel but you can't see it because your arms are in the way. Only half an hour and no messing about with sub-frames.

    The main part of the mounting was removed and the disintegration was obvious [PHOTO] . The metal tube should be central within the mount.

    Make yer own mounting time.

    Living in the Republic of Adjara has it drawbacks. Here in Batumi there are several Fortwo and Forfour knocking about but no-one seems to know where to get them fixed. Getting stuff imported is a bit hit and miss so if there's a chance to do-it-yourself we take it. Engine mounting needed. Time to get to work.

    The old mounting was cleaned out [PHOTO] and a tube of Visbella 729 high modulus sealant bought for the exorbitant price of 15 Georgian Lari [ a fiver to you ].

    Looking this up on the internet suggested this would most likely suffice for the job. The oval mounting tube was held in place by several pieces of strong thick rubber tubing cut and forced in around the mounting tube and the tubes and the spaces around them filled with the 729. 729 is moisture curable so the finished mounting was dumped unceremoniously in a bucket of water for a couple of days. On removal from the bucket, the mounting [PHOTO] had that good solid feel yet with a slight rubbery texture when prodded with a screwdriver. I tried all ways to make any impact on the central steel mounting tube as there was no point finishing the job if it felt it wasn't up to it. It was then left a little longer to cure out of water - mainly because I hadn't time to finish the job.

    Replacement was simply the reverse of removal. NOTE.. Do not forget to tighten the two 14mm torx bolts holding the mount to the subframe before raising the engine as they cannot be reached with the engine in normal situ.

    Road testing on Batumi roads is the best you can get. It's like a mountain trail. Not had any time for real prolonged tests yet but initially this seems to work. All the noises have disappeared completely. I mean noise. It was like dragging a bucket of bolts.

    Another point. When the engine is low on the mounting due to mount deterioration, it can swing back a way and the diff contacts the X frame. causing a clatter. Not only this but I found this contact had loosened the bolts in the two X frame arms behind the exhaust enhancing the clatter quite a bit. Now that everything is tightened up again it's wonderfully quiet...
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    Default Re: Front engine mounting replacement the easy way.

    I've sent you a PM.

    It's the first PM I've sent and it appears from my profile that the default setting on this board is not to notify the recipient of incoming messages so I thought I'd better tell you (and apologies to those who sent me PMs, years ago, that I appeared to ignore!)

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