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    Default Potential roadster owner

    There's a roadster i pass on my way to work which i'm tempted to buy as a weekend toy,

    It's up for 650 but has a slightly noisy timing chain and the dash lights don't work.

    Any idea what i'm looking at to sort these ?

    I guess no dash lights would fail the mot although i could use my sat nav as a speedo.

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    Default Re: Potential roadster owner

    I would suspect a water leak has damaged the SAM unit. Potentially expensive. You will get a better response on the Roadster forum
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    Default Re: Potential roadster owner

    There is a buyers guide on that site blackdog linked you to - suggest you read it.

    If the chain is noisy you should really rebuild the engine and at the same time renew the chain - cost around 1200-1500+. You could just try renewing the chain (350-ish) but irreparable damage may already have been done.

    Dash lights not working would probably suggest SAM and water ingress to it. Cost around 500-600 to replace the SAM and an afternoon of your time to seal up the wiper bucket to stop it happening again.

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