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Thread: custom bonnet

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    Hi Am new to here I have a few friends with smart cars and looking to get a roadster for my wife, I have seen some pictures of a custom bonnet that is like the lotus, any idea where these can be sourced from?

    or the name of this bonnet,

    I may have to get a spare from salvage yard and cut out/convert myself, or get a company to make one lol


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    Default Re: custom bonnet

    If you do some google searches with:

    smart roadster haube raceline

    you may find some hits.

    Also this link:


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    Default Re: custom bonnet

    Check website
    Look on Facebook

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    Thanks guys for your replies. I have a friend in Holland looking into where i might get the bonnet from, I like the third picture down but finding it very hard to locate. nothing in the UK so far.
    I will keep looking and will post any news here.

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    Contact wildsixtynine! or look for tinkerstyle bonnets.

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    In The Netherlands arent companyś which makes them , like Wildsixtynine or Tinkerstyle .
    If there is a fiberglass bonnet made in the Netherlands , its a one off!

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