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Thread: 451 MHD exhaust

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    Default 451 MHD exhaust

    So 2 days ago my (replacement) car started to blow a fruity exhaust note. This isn't the sporty pleasant sound on sports cars. Today it let go and I had to nurse it home 70 miles. A quick look before I set off shows it seems to have separated at the section covered by a flexi material, is this a flexible joint on the left side? I could see it wasn't at any risk of falling away but the silencer is not free to swing back and has melted the valence grrrr! I have a warranty that can use any garage as long as they don't charge more than 55 per hour labour WTF?!? Has anyone replaced the exhaust succesfully? How painful?

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    Bugger, didn't say, it's 2011 model. Cheers

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    It's fairly straightforward, you'll need exhaust, elbow, bolts, springs & gaskets to do it 'right'. 55 is probably plus vat so a good indies should come in that (we charge 50 +vat) depending on where you are in the country.

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    Many thanks. As a punt I went to MB. They had 4 in stock, replace the whole thing for 200. I did, and its sweet )

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