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    Default *** St Georges Day Run - Norfolk ***

    St Georges Day Drive with Wherrysmarts & NNCVC

    Sunday 23 April 2017

    We are delighted to have been invited, once again, to join in with this fantastic fund raising day.

    Previously, the drives have been "interesting", "challenging", "testing" and well, genuinely, just great fun. We may not conform, but then what smart driver or car does?

    The drive starts as usual from Sheringham and will finish at a new venue, Holkham Hall.

    For those wanting to join us for the start, I plan we all meet @ NR26 8PB. Suggested time is 09.45 giving those coming from a distance a chance to get there without it being a horrendous time to get up.

    The meeting point is a road that runs parallel to the main road into Sheringham but please do not ask any of the residents to put the kettle on, as they don't know we are coming. We usually get a warm welcome though

    A number of smarties make a weekend of this event and that is why there will be a tube starting at 08.45 starting at The George Hotel Dereham for a pre tube to Sheringham. If you are interested in making a weekend of this, please let me know and I may be able to help you with recommendations and ideas.

    There are eatery vans at Sheringham station and we should have plenty of time for a coffee, and more if required, before starting off for the pleasant drive through North Norfolk to Holkham Hall. Challenging Road Books are issued on arrival. is the site to give you more information if needed. They are asking that you complete an application form. I know this will help them hugely with the planning of the event, giving them a guestimate as to the number of vehicles, road books & the rest to make it the successful event, which it always is.

    Hope to see many there and don't forget your very generous donation on application and on the day by way of raffle tickets and monies in the buckets.

    Would be good if you would post so that we can have an idea of who is who, so we don't leave anyone behind.

    Would be great to have your support for this event.

    Please visit their website and complete the application form
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    Default Re: *** St Georges Day Run - Norfolk ***

    A huge thanks to the 13 cars that supported this event.

    It is always funtastic and for those who joined in the the weekend event, thanks for making it great fun.

    I have already heard that over 6,000 has been raised for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and that is before the monies they would have taken on the day.

    Great effort everyone and thanks for your support.

    Aleady planning next year - 22 April 2018
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