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    Default Re: Water leaking into boot somehow

    Hi lil.smartie

    I know the login screen you're referring to as it appears on another TomTom device I have, but since the TomTom technician decide to do a Windows reformat of the SD card (in case there where any errors on it which were preventing the v9.60 map being read by the car properly) it is now not recognized as a legit TomTom SD card and all attempts to load a map fail, in fact I now get this natty screen message in My Drive Connect when I login with the account I setup for the car.

    So he's escalated to his 2nd line support and to cut to the chase, I reckon they are going to have to send out a new SD card, unless they can do something clever.

    Aside from that, my other issues seem to have been sorted out so.

    Nearly there
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