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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by Lindafjordan View Post
    I'm so glad I found this forum and particularly this thread, I thought I was imagining things when I test drove the smart coupe electric drive fortwo and could barely hear my son talk or listen to the radio. I assumed that the electric drive coupe would be way quieter than my 2014 Smart fortwo cabriolet (MHD engine) but I was wrong. There was no engine sound but even with windows closed the noise was awful! Way louder than my convertible with the top down. I guess it must be down to the 16 inch alloys and tires. I have 15 inch Pirelli on my cityflame and they are nice and quiet.
    I was really considering the e version as a convertible to replace my cityflame but the noise, seats and incredibly poor sales person have put me off!
    I have recently purchased a fortwo 435 Brabus and the road noise from the tyres in the car are terrible. I would say maximum journey of 20 mins before you get a headache.

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    I also have a 453 Brabus and the road noise is the worst of any car I have ever driven.
    It is the tyres for sure as I just changed to winter tyres, and the car is now as silent
    as in a limo.

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    Out of interest Bjorn what winter tyres have you fitted to quieten it down ??

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    I have fitted Continental Conti Viking Contact 6
    These have a special soft rubber (aka Nordic compound)
    They have won winter tyre tests several years.
    They are fitted on 15" alloys (as used on the Passion version of the car)

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    Thanks Bjorn shall be trying this out, fed up with the headaches lol

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    Default Re: Come on guys am i the only one !!

    Hi Everyone, like Vince we have a late model Fortwo with 16" wheels that has made an awful noise since new. It's like the sound of blowing across the top of a beer bottle (had a bit of practice at that) and starts at around 10mph and changes not so much with speed but with road surface. A nicely metalled surface with small aggregate is almost silent but anything with the bigger aggregate or poor condition is horrendous (most of the UK)! I waited until we had worn of the "pips" from the new tyres before taking it to the dealership who said they could find nothing wrong with it. I have uploaded a clip of what the noise is like showing speed, road surface and sound level. I would be interested to hear any views as to what it might be.

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    Itís prob just that particular tyre/rim volume resonating.

    The only options youíve got are:

    Change the rubber
    Or line round the inner wheel arch with sound deadening materials

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    Default Re: Tyre noise 16" wheels

    Old thread, agree Brabus Cabriolet is the worst tyre noise ever, the roof makes it worse, and itís like a wheel bearing sound. Terrible

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