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Thread: Engine Knocking

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    Default Engine Knocking

    Just taken in a Smart Forfour 1124cc, at idle speed slight noise evident, when engine speed increased (vehicle at rest) a knocking noise is audiable, like a spanner being tapped on a metal radiator. Sounds like a big end bearing failure.Is it a major job to tackle? miles 105,000 miles or maybe a engine transplant? are internal engine components expensive?

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    Default Re: Engine Knocking

    It could also be something as simple as an exhaust valve being way off.

    Other than that I find your post a bit confusing as you have already (prematurely) pinpointed the problem to be a faulty big end bearing ???
    If it is, its a matter of drain oil, remove sump, do whats needed, refit sump and fill up oil.

    When it comes to what things costs, they cost what they do. Whether it is seen as cheap or expensive is up to each and everyones wallet. I'd say 'expensive' would be the general answer for just about everything you can buy, be it in an automotive shop or at the coffee shop.

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    Default Re: Engine Knocking

    What fuel are you using? I face that knocking whenever i accelerate. After servicing the car with new engine oil, new plugs and cleaned the throttle body. It's still there. The sound isn't that loud when i use 97 vs 95.

    Yet to try out Octane Booster to see if it's logical to add with 95 or simply use 97 all the way. According to the mech, engine block may be dirty and may need overhaul to solve the issue.

    I am in a wait and see mode now, as that will be too costly to do in where i live.

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    Default Re: Engine Knocking

    Valve clearances do need to be adjusted on the 454 every 60,000 miles or so which I would think could cause this noise (I know my ~80,000 mile 1.3 needs them doing).

    TBH, this is something I wouldn't DIY.

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