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    Default Aqua Green Smart

    Saw a pristine 2001 Aqua Green City-Coupe (LHD) in the car park at the local ASDA today. Pure trim with Spikeline wheels (also in excellent condition). Certainly made my 2002 Pure look like the dirty wreck on wheels it really is. From the number plate, looks like it came from Smart of Manchester.

    Managed to speak to the owner as I was putting some shopping away. Certainly enthusiastic!

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    Default Re: Aqua Green Smart

    I loved my 2001 559cc. L/H drive, for some reason it seemed to go around corners better, it seemed to as they say; sticks like s**t to a blanket..
    But my next 3 fortwos (what a mouth full!)seem to have a slightly higher D/seat. I drove from Kamptown through the center of Brighton into Hove and counted 14 on the way.
    Smarts of different types, mainly post 2008 451's, but a lot of 450's and a few roadies.
    Theres a wine merchants in Kamptown that uses a early L/H/D special edition in white and black, they use it like an old delivery van every day and iv'e seen it around for atleast 7yrs and it loooks as good as new today.
    It's amazing how many there are in the Brighton-Hove area....
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