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    Smile Engine warning light concern

    Hello everyone!
    Last week when I started my FourTwo MHD it rattled and shook itself about and sounded very unwell. There were no warning lights and I turned it off and on again. This time it was fine and it drove normally. In the evening I turned it on and had the same problem and this time the engine warning light came on. I had to drive it a very short distance but then I stopped, turned it off and on again and now it's fine again. I spoke to the garage who said they would do an investigation for 125 per hour and they can't say for sure if there's a problem or not. Has anyone had anything similar and is it worth paying the money to have them look at it, given that it all seems to be running normal 4 days later? any advice is gratefully received!! Thanks!

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    Sounds like the car is misfiring on 1 cylinder. This is usually loss of compression so the spark could be loose or the injector not seated, a valve not closing or maybe the spark plug isn't firing.
    Don't go to a dealer, go to a specialist. The engine warning light will have logged a code that will tell them where to look.

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    Say where you are ans somebody will recommend a specialist near you.

    How many miles has the car done and how old is it?

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    Thank you both very much - really useful feedback and much appreciated! The car is under 60,000 and is 3 yrs old. I'm located in South London/Kent border.

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    Before you go anywhere, double check the drive belt (far right of the engine bay) is in perfect condition, no fraying. If not, DO NOT DRIVE!
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