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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wraakian View Post
    Attachment 1000Hi,

    Just found my 2005 Brabus Roadster is swamped under the carpets! Am currently mopping up and have ordered a wet vacuum to suck out the water where I cannot remove the carpet (Driver's front). I have used super absorbant sponges and paper nappies thus far and still nowhere near dry. I have also just found a narrow gauge black rubber tube sticking up in the air at the rear of the passenger side leading up towards the roof slide/guide and wondered if Mercedes had forgotten to put this back when I asked them to serviced the soft top last year. I have attached a photo of this tube.

    Hope someone can help me find out what this tube does and where it should go?


    Those tubes has nothing to do with drainage.
    They act as a storage guide for the roof cables when the roof is down.

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!


    Leaks both passenger and driver side through roof and mirrors, had mirrors repaired about 5 years ago and seals replaced around door and roof 3 years ago still leaking, SAM is no longer correct, my wipers wont switch off unless I turn off the ignition.. suffer with wet floors, seats and seat belt!!

    Registration: BW03 ZFD

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    p.s.. good luck with this, I think we deserve to get this work repaired for free by the company as it clearly is an inherent problem - fingers crossed!

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Our RC was built in 2003 and first registered in 2004 April. It suffered minor leaks when new around the mirror triangles on both sides. This was fixed under warranty by Smart Coventry.

    It has never been completely leak free in as much that after overnight rain there will be a few dribbles near the speaker grilles, but never enough to be a real problem - certainly never suffered from damp carpets at all.

    I guess that I have been lucky.

    2 Years ago I set about the window triangles and applied black silicone to all the gaps and cracks and that made it a little better - but still not completely water tight.

    Efficiency is intelligent lazyness.

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Ask yourself this

    Is this car that you own that leaks yours and you are the sole owner?

    The car has been out of production since 2006 just how many manufacturers would rectify problems on a car that only had two years warranty in the UK, that would place their liability to 2008 at the latest.

    I do think some owners are a little optimistic especially those who can't be bothered to read before buying!

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    Angry Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Hi all

    I am taking Mercedes of Leeds to court in the coming weeks.

    To cut a long story short, I purchased a new Dec 2003 Smart Roadster. In Nov/Dec 2004, I received a phone call from Mercedes advising me that there was a recall to fix a leak and that they would fully have to re-seal the vehicle. I told them it was due for its first service in a few weeks and they told me they would do the work then. Guess what, it later transpired they never did the work at the first service - or any of the next three. I have document evidence to prove this.

    My car needed a new ESP unit in 2006, which Merc tried to charge me for. I now know this will have been through water damage.

    In Jan 2010, I had a complete SAM failure, which was when Mercedes told me that water was getting in to the vehicle. They tried to charge me an extortionate amount to do the work and refused to accept this work should have been done under recall. I eventually paid them to reseal the vehicle and replace the SAM unit. They sent me a letter confirming that the vehicle no longer leaked. They managed to brake the steering wheel and gear knob during the repair and they charged me further for this and I paid them again under protest. They also tried to sell me a new pair of pads and discs, which I knew didn't need replacing as I had only just had them replaced at another garage. This garage treat their customers with utter contempt.

    At the start of this year, I started to have intermittent ABS light problems, which became constant in March/April. I took the car to an independent mercedes specialist with over 30 years experience. He was horrified with the repair work Mercedes had done to re-seal the vehicle. They had left the wiring loom exposed in several places and water was running straight down the loom in to the ESP unit. Mercedes of Leeds had tried to seal it with silicon - and not even the correct tape. I formally complained to Mercedes in April and they convinced me to bring the car back to them. They tried to cover-up their dodgy repair work with the correct insulation tape etc - and then refused to cover the work under warranty.

    They wanted to charge me 4,500 for a new ESP unit and wiring loom. Luckily I had taken pictures with the independent mechanic and have his witness statements. When I later realised what they did, I took a video of the Mercedes of Leeds mechanic advising me on the cause of the issue and the repair work he tried to cover-up.

    I have spent weeks and weeks dealing with senior management at the garage and they have given me pathetic and inconsistent responses. They offered to discount the work heavily to 2,520, which I refused and they withdrew the offer - replacing it with cash offers of 500 and later 750. I got very fed-up to say the least and have decided to take them to court. I expect the case to be heard in the next six weeks.

    Mercedes have issued a legal defence claiming there was never a recall. I remember the phone call, although I wish I had a letter as I never received one. Either way, this doesn't matter to my case, as its the repair work in January 2010 I am basing the claim on. The car was also not fit for purpose under Sale of Goods Act. After all, this will be my third ESP unit! I don't believe a car which is fit for purpose should leak water in to the electrics. Technically you have 6 years under SOG act, but I am going to argue that I didn't know that the vehicle had not been sealed properly until January 2010, when they did the repair work - and Merc are now saying they can't guarantee the repair I paid them for would have worked.

    I plan to release all the very damaging documents/video/picture evidence soon. If anyone is interested in seeing this, or they have anything which will further support my case, please get in touch.

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Hmm would you believe that I only re-glued it this month !
    That's getting on for 12 months after I noticed the problem - got to make me a professional procrastinator

    Still 99.9% water free.
    Occasionally I see dribbles on the up-hill side door trim, over the speaker.
    But that's maybe once a year.
    If the car is parked on the level, there's no sign of leaks.
    Losing the car for 3 days while the seams were re-sealed and the seals changed was worth it!

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Oh Bugger

    My Brabus leaks real bad. You have thought I wold have learnt my lesson by now as this is my 3rd! This one is off the scale bad tho.. rear deck and footwells sodden . The heated seats stopped working though the buttons remained illuminated. Then the indicators stuck on, so I left it with a dehumidifier to dry out. Then one night out of the blue I'm woken up by some idiot repeatedly blowing their car horn.. I go to investigate and there's my car blowing its own horn and indicating randomly !!

    Got it recovered to Smart Leeds. It's a leaky bulkhead/SAM/wiring loom problem They ESKULABed it but the price was still stupid, so now there putting it though a good will claim (i thought that's what ESKULAB was ?) Anyway... now I've ranted.. I'm gonna phone them <scared>

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    John please PM me?

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Smart of Leeds won't know this (very few dealers do) but it won't be the bulkhead that's causing the issue - it will almost certainly be the wiper tray (and/or condensation from other leaks - such as the rear drains).
    Have a look at the leak fix guides on or you'll be having a similar problem next time there's a dounpour.

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