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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Quote Originally Posted by alanp10 View Post
    my smart brabus exclusive roadster has always leaked i try and keep it covered when not in use any suggestions what i can do to get it fixed my reg is HY06 YZR
    I am starting by collecting experiences to document that this is a recognised general problem. Yes, we all know it is but I think it good to document the fact in case we need to present evidence of consistent faults at a later date.
    I now need to take advice on the best way to proceed and I intend to do this after Smart Fest is out of the way.

    If you know of anyone else with similar experiences please ask them to log the details here! Thanks.
    Alan Manton


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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Hi Alan
    As you know, my roadster has always leaked, mainly through the mirrors. Not too bad and is livable with now I have learnt to accept it as part of it's "charm". Had various seals and mirror mountings replaces. But not the full 3 day recall that has been previously mentioned. All fixes were only temporary improvements. I just try to keep it covered.

    Sorry yours is still off the road mate.

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Mine leaks but I'm not prepared to put all details on the web unless we're sure this is going somewhere.

    What are you planning to do with the data collected?

    Are you going to engage any lawyers?

    I'm happy to provide further info if it means MB looking at my car and sorting it out.

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    My Roadster has also got the mirror leaks.

    Since I have owned the car (Think it was 2005/6 when I bought the car) I have not had / done anything other than heating up the seals with the heaters when it is raining. (Seems to help) Mine is a 53 plate.

    I have had to replace a connector into the SAM unit. It burnt its self out meaning that I didn't have any lights. Sorted now and also bought a spare connector in-case it happens again!

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    There were NEVER any leak fix recalls, the service order that was carried out on the chassis of the 2003-early 2004 Roadsters that were built with eco friendly sealant - which was subsquently breached in places out by the water based paint!

    The Service Order was only applied to those early cars whose owners actually chased the dealerships, whilst it was within warranty.

    The biggest ingress point that damages the SAM are the main loom and the wiper tray seal. On top of that general excessive moisture vapour and condensation from not dealing with other leaks.

    Almost seven years on mine is still on the original SAM.

    My main leaks were the rear side drains, which smart NEVER fixed (easily dealt with by my widgets if you haven't a clue you obviously don't go on TRn) even after replacing the softtop and replacing all the seals 4 times, the mirrors 4 times as the work on rear drains induced mirror leaks - which I did not have originally.

    As for some comments of not putting details on the web - don't trust the for sale advert that states the Roady has never leaked, is that how people have been lumbered with a presently leaking s/h Roady ;-)

    Member of the DM&Penfold dashboard club

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    So does anyone know how to fix the leaks

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Yes - get over to www.theroadster.net and look at the leak fix guides in the articles section.

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    I have a Roadster which leaks from both wing mirrors. When the rain is very heavy, the water runs down across both speaker covers on both sides of the car. The seals on the entire car are extremely thin and flimsy and not up to the job for which they were designed! I also have a small leak in the centre of the convertible roof, which drips down onto the rear parcel shelf, between the seats. My reg is HF53KTG. I have looked at the threads on here and I will be checking the rest of the car and taking preventative action where possible !! Thanks.

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    red strobe Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    SANY0292 (640x480).jpgHi,

    12 months ago I found my 2005 Brabus Roadster was swamped under the carpets! I mopped up and ordered a wet vac to suck out the water as I cannot remove the carpet. I used super absorbant sponges and paper nappies and eventually managed to get the inside dry. I bought a cover and put that over the car whenever it rains but this is a real binde. It is now January 2012. I tried leaving the cover off but guess what ... the carpet was swamped this time with more than 2 gallons of water coverinandg the whole floor pan again and much worse than last time. Vac'd water out again mopped up with towels but the sponge beneath the carpet is saturated again !!! I love my Brabus Roadster but am at my wits end with this re-occuring problem CAN NOBODY HELP PLEASE !


    Last edited by Wraakian; 14th January 2012 at 18:32. Reason: found out this was a breather puipe and nothing to do with the leak

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    Default Re: Roadster Leaks - Please register any leak problems!

    Been lucky with my roadie, just minor leaks coming from door triangles

    Saying that the Sam unit did act up last year but seemed to correct itself with a few hours, wipers came on when I turned the lights on and traction control turning itself off until the car was restarted.

    Read somewhere that filling up the inside of seals with a bathroom silicon sealant has worked for some roadster owners as it stiifens up the seals.

    Never had to do this myself so I can't confirm or deny if this works or not.

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