There was never a recall.

There was a service measure to replace the mastic on the bulkhead because the early ones were made with dissolvable sealant. This means they were re-worked when the car was in for a service - the car's themselves were never recalled.

However that is highly unlikely to be the cause of your flooded SAM - yours will very likely be the wiper motor bucket peak seal. It's a very well known leak among the owners and requires sealing up to cure the issue. That said, if you have had continual roof leaks you may also have issue with condensation forming within the SAM - though that usually results in gradual system failure rather than sudden electrical mayhem.

You can fix the leaks yourself by following the leak guides on - the wiper bucket leak is THE most important one to address.

Otherwise you will need to get it to a specialist for help as Mercedes dealers don't recognise the wiper bucket as a potential leak spot so won't have a clue what you're asking them to do.

The only Smart specialist in Scotland that I am aware of is McSmarts in Aidrie -