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    Default What's a TIK pipe?

    I've seen people mention changing the TIK pipe. What is it? Something to do with the turbo?

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    Its the pipe that joins the air box (where the filter is) to the turbo... there are several other little offshoots from it that someone more knowledgeable than me can explain - but thats pretty much it.

    the bigger the tik, the larger the passage of air to the turbo, less restriction = better flow = more power. If the car is mapped properly this can have a decent gain, I've no experience of changing one yet though.

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    as above with pictures ...

    see here
    smart owner from 27.09.00 to 19.02.09 .:.
    Maybe back in a smart at some point

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    Turbo Induction Kit.
    known by smart as the 'Air Line Air Fi', so if you ask for a TIK, they (typically) won't know what you are on about.
    as is said above, it's the pipe from the airbox to the turbo, with a breather, and 2 vacuum pipes moulded into it.

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    Jaysus, it's sloightly fatter dan a TIN pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by milligoon
    Jaysus, it's sloightly fatter dan a TIN pipe
    Even I got that one . I actually laughed out loud when I read it.

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    Yours has been changed to the 74kw version on that car Jon look after my baby and let us know how she is going on thanks Paul.

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    It took me 4 hours on last Saturday to take out the original TIK pipe on my remapped Smartie and replace it with a big one.

    The surgery was supposed to be a straight-forward one but I faced great difficulties in unscrewing the two bolts that fixed the old pipe to its bracket. In any case, I finally replaced the old pipe with the new one which looked rather cool.

    And then came the test drive.

    I started the engine, drove my Smartie to the driveway carefully and stepped on the pedal lightly with my fingers crossed. Hey, everything seems fine ....."the car is moving" !!!

    Pressed for more gas, and the Smartie accelerated smoothly.

    My first impression with the new TIK pipe was that the improvement was subtle but noticeable between 2000 to 3000 rpm. It simply made the car more driveable with, perhaps, a little more torque. Once the tachometer reached 3000 rpm, the feeling became much stronger. Acceleration became smoother (with changing gears) and quicker (I really mean it!), and the response from the pedal was more direct. Thank God I have upgraded my front brakes with OZ drilled discs and EBC pads!

    It seems that I have done it right this time.

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